Interviewing Sander Bos, one of the designers and contestants of ‘Making the Cut’

Interviewing Sander Bos

Sander Bos is one of the designers and contestants on Making the Cut, the new TV program on Amazon Prime Video.

This young Belgian designer reflects in his brand the universal society that is in constant evolution. Through his designs he reflects his impressions of modern art and his concept of haute couture.

We had the pleasure of having his experiences in the program, his different collections, inspiration and his future plan with his brand.

You are the youngest designer of Making the Cut, what has participating in the program meant to you?

I think it meant everything because of my age, I just was a young kid working at a hamburger place and I really wanted to do something in fashion. Also, to make people understand that the age isn’t an impediment for doing something and it’s important to say that the young generations have fears, and they really want to go for it and not allowing people to say things like: «I know you can’t do it», «You’re too young to do that»… Now I just went for it and at the end of the day I see my brand and I think about all the process. I think the opportunity of the platform of Making the Cut has been really important for the elevation of my knowledge and to say to myself: I can do this!

What inspires you when you are creating your designs?

My inspiration changes every time. I always had a reflection about Modern Art and I put that into my designs. I am a kind of prism and I just reflect different things into my creations . Most of the time, my inspiration is something that is happening in the world, society… It depends on a lot of different things that’s also why my brand’s aesthetic is always very different. I always use a lot of colors and my vibes are the essence of my designs.


In the program you have presented multiple haute couture concepts, what does this concept meant to you?

I think I have a different concept of haute couture as the other people. I remember when we were in Paris in the second episode and I see the difficulties of the French haute couture and I want my type of art to be something that can break the boundaries and redefine fashion. Haute Couture is something that has never been seen but above all to be able to open minds with every design and to impress. Also, for me haute couture is John Galliano for Dior or Martin Margiela for Maison Margiela.


How would you define your designs?

In my opinion it’s hard to define my designs and I will just define as art for the people. There are several types of art and mine is accesible and available for all. I think it’s a process with a story and obviously there is an intern and a motivation for these designs. In conclusion, I define my designs as art.


What fashion designers do you have as references?

This question si hilarious to me because one day, one person said to me that if Martin Margiela and Alexander McQueen had a baby and it was raised by Gianni Versace that baby would be my brand (It was an amusing moment). I don’t like following trends because I want to create unique designs with a balance of art and wearable.


In the program, you have visited two cities closely linked to fashion industry: Paris and Tokyo, in which of the two cities have you felt more comfortable when you were designing ?

In Paris at first was very uncomfortable because it was the first episode of the talent show and we hardly knew each other, It was normal to feel uncomfortable and also the room was very hot. I think Tokyo was the city where I was more comfortable, especially at night because we hung out a lot. People were very love and I love the atmosphere of the city. I hope I will back soon!

Who do you think is the strongest contestant of Making the Cut? And the most critical judge?

The most critical judge is Naomi Campbell but I have to say that Heidi Klum is the most difficult judge to convince about our creations because she expects the best of us in every episode. And I think all the contestants are fantastic , everyone has their unique personality which is reflected in their designs but if I have to say names, in my opinion the strongest contestants are Rinat, Ji Won Choi and Esther.


House of Bos, Sanderise off Season, Post Couture… are some of your collections, which  one of these do you think has been more successful for your public?

It’s a difficult questions because every collection is made it for a different kind of audience. In «House of Bos» for example, I have received very good feedback from my public. Maybe AntiHero is the most successful and the most clear collection because you can see all the concepts of my brand, and you can understand all the process of creation with this collection. It’s a piece of my art.


Do you have project for the near future?

I had many projects prepared for this near future but due to the coronavirus I had postpone all of them. I have been working in an exhibition in Belgium, I’m preparing new collections and it’s going to be very cool because it’ll be presented all together. Thank you so much for this interview ! I love you guys!

Once again, we would like to thank Sander Boss, the Amazon Fashion Team for giving us this interview. For Coolturize it has been a pleasure to publish it and to know more about this incredible designer.

If you want to know more about this new fashion reality show, we have attached a link with more information about Amazon Prime Video program.








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